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Ecological Initiatives

"There is grandeur in this view of life... that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed laws of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and wonderful have been, and are being, evolved." Charles Darwin, 1859.

These wonderful thoughts, the final lines from Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species", form the philosophical background to our fundamental motivation and mission - the conservation of biological diversity. The living world is so fantastically complex, so intractably fascinating and so endlessly inspiring that ensuring responsible stewardship of these treasures requires innovative, flexible and long-term approaches to assessment, monitoring and management.

Ecological Initiatives is a consultancy partnership of environmental and wildlife professionals. Employing a potent mix of extensive field experience, academic qualifications and practical and technical skills, the company aims to provide innovative services in the diverse fields of wildlife conservation, environmental management and biodiversity surveys.